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OneDigIT Phone #s

VoIP telephony

For VoIP telephony you need telephone numbers, VoIP accounts and VoIP devices.

Luckily for you, we can provide all that you need.

Your company already have phone number(s) and would like to keep them? That's no problem!

We can move those numbers to our platform, and save you some money in process.

Contact us now so we can discuss it!

OneDigIT Phone numbers

OneDigIT phone numbers

At OneDigIT you can order SIP trunks and Dutch or foreign phone numbers.

With us you can choose to:

  • Keep existing phone numbers or
  • Order new phone numbers
  • For the Netherlands we can provide phone numbers in any area code, from Haarlem to Eindhoven and from Maastricht to Groningen.

    We can also provide phone numbers for almost all countries in Europe, and worldwide!

    Based on your last phone bills we can determine what package is best for you.

    Contact us now so we can discuss it!

    OneDigIT unlimited calls

    OneDigIT Unlimited calls

    As an entrepreneur you want to be reachable always, and not to worry about your calling costs at the end of the month.

    With OneDigIT unlimited calls you can call unlimited to fixed and mobile numbers for a fixed amount.

    You can choose from:

  • Unlimited calls to the Netherlands
  • Unlimited calls to entire EU
  • For all other destinations, we provide competitive call rates.

    Contact us to see how much money you can save!

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